What are the obligation of a prosecutor/defense attorney if they know a witness intends to feign on the stand?

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If the lie constitutes perjury (not all 'lies' are perjury) and the attorney know that the witness was going to lie, the attorney could be charged next to subornation of perjury, conspiracy to commit perjury, and/or obstruction of justice.
His obligation is to convict all those that are charged, His obligation is to the bar. He is not sworn to tell the truth,no responsibility to the court only to the bar. His nouns is all lies, it's all hearsay and non of it is evidence. For someone to testify surrounded by open court they must be sworn, all broadsheet,sworn affidavits are paper and not real evidence, when he introduces it within court it's hearsay.
If an attorney knows that a witness intends to perjure himself, he ought not to give the name that person as a witness at all rather. If calling that witness is unavoidable, then the attorney must labor to not ask any question touching on the subject upon which the attorney knows the witness intends to commit perjury.

An attorney should counsel all witnesses to let somebody know the truth and caution any witness he suspects is going to lie that perjury is both a serious crime and a great dishonor.

If the perjurer is not the attorney's client, the attorney should cross-examine the perjurer to expose his lies. If the perjurer is the attorney's client, he must hold the client's intent to lie confidential.

If all of that is to say not possible (it is the attorney's own client who has specifically instructed his attorney to find that testimony out) then the attorney must comply beside his client's instructions -- in a way that signals to the court that "I do not agree this testimony." The convention for such a situation, I am told, is, "Would you like to provide a narrative statement at this point?" Fortunately, I've never be in such a situation. I have have to threaten clients with my refusal to call them as witnesses until they promised me they would enlighten the truth and let me handle the inconvenient facts instead of lying just about them. When your own lawyer says, "I'm not going to hail as you as a witness becuase you're going to lie," that seems to hold a powerful effect.
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