Can't afford a divorce attorney?

My wife and I are going through a divorce. She filed, because I didn't have the money to. She hired an attorney which she is asking me to retribution for, even though I can't afford my own. She is also trying to take half of my business that I own, which is contained by $50,000 worth of debt and barely in the green (like smaller number than $500/month). I would like joint custody (at least). She is asking for custody, partially the assets (including the business which her name is not on and had zilch to do with), and alimony which obviously I don't have the money for. Does anyone know how I can work through a divorce when I'm unmoving broke?
If the business is doing so poorly consent to her take it all

Go to permitted aid see if they can help

Credit is like Gold man consent to hers go to crap and go achieve a regular job and live humbly until this economic slow down turns over
I would suggest that you speak privately near the lawyer that your wife has hired. I have a friend who went through a divorce with a shared legal representative and it worked out well for them. It was the lawyer job to make sure the settlement be fair for both parties. Now fête usually means that neither party is fully blissful. The business, if you've incorporated, may have specific rules that will protect your interests. Of course half the "business" would include partly it's debts as well, not just the assets. No one win in a divorce regardless of why you arrived at this juncture but it's often better to verbs than live with the circumstances.
how dumb is she that she's looking to take partly of your debt?

get a 2nd job.
Stay in marriage. Insist to not divorce. If she wishes too very much, let she do adjectives the jobs. Save the money and Business, don't fight, be cool, calm and collected, don't argue back, stay quiet.. that be paid lady mad but the best bearing to cope with women temper.
Am I sensing poor communication was a section of the breakdown in this marriage??
How can you be cash-strapped near a struggling business and she wants half? Half of nil is nothing. Let her take it adjectives and start over. Starting over is no fun but in the end you will be glad you did. Patience is a justice.
Just report her to figure it out by herself. It dosent sound resembling you have much to lose really.
If you cannot afford an atty, and can show this to the peacemaker, he will not likely make you pay cheque for hers.
If you're in a community property state, without a pre-nuptual agreement afterwards she is entitled to half of the assets (as well as debts), which is probable to include your business.
You need to demand common custody. If you've not been deemed unfit here is no reason the judge would not admit you joint custody.
You need to achieve all of your finances together. Bills, assets, debts, income, etc. and present it to the judge.
This will show him what you can and cannot afford. Tell him you cannot settle up for an atty, nor can you afford alimony because the "Free funds" you will have will go directly towards child support (that will look obedient on you)
If you can prove all of this, its not likely the mediate would give her these demands because you clearly do not have the funds to discharge her. Source(s): http://document-do-it-yourself-service.c…
I;d run all her jewlery while she's out to pay for the attorney
There are certain programs that can get culture lawyers who can't afford one... either free or at a discounted rate. You will be required to flood out a financial form that details your income and debt, and if you qualify [[aka: it is determined that you can't afford a lawyer]], then one can be referred to you.

Stop by your court house and ask if they have any fliers nearly this - a discounted or free legal service or lawyer referral service. Likely they will. If not, force out the web.

I think it's a dumb verbs her part wanting half of your not quite profitable business that is in that much debt. If I be you, I would let her have to adjectives thing. Also remember that just because she asked for alimony and attorney's fees surrounded by the complaint, doesn't mean that the judge is going to award it. Source(s): Family Law Paralegal
If you owned the business before you were married, it is doubtful that she could catch half of it, but by getting half, she would also inherit partly the debt.

So the thing is, she can ask for anything she wants, it doesn't be set to that she will get it. Most courts will not grant full custody to any parent unless there is a reason (abuse, misconduct, etc.).

Don't sign anything. Make her pinch it all the way to court. If it go that far, be prepared to show the judge the financial records of the business, show the regard as being that you are a good parent, and show the judge that you cannot possibly afford alimony. If she is working, it is doubtful that she will acquire alimony anyway.

If it does get to the point of going to court, perhaps nearby are some assets you could sell to get the money for a advocate. The main thing is do not agree to anything, do not sign anything, and do not tender in on what you think is right. Just because she have a lawyer does not guarantee her anything.

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