If i missed my court date for a DUI should i hire an attorney or walk to court and lug thought of it myself?

I got a DUI early this year contained by april 2009. I blew a .085 and the legal limit surrounded by AZ is .08. I missed my court date due to the officer scheduling it on memorial day. I just manner of blew it off after that and since a new year is coming I want to start rotten with a clean slate and help yourself to care of it. I'm wondering if any one has have a similar experience and want to know if maybe they will just own me pay the fine since it has be so long. Either way i want to take perfectionism of it I'm just nervous and don't know that to expect.
Well, you manifestly shouldn't have failed to appear for the arraignment, so brand name sure you go to your new court date. I importantly advise not hiring an attorney over a DUI. It is a big waste of money, and near is really nothing an attorney can do to help you. Sometimes empire get lucky, and their cases are dropped to a "wet reckless", but you blew a .085 so there's really no getting out of this one. You're most potential looking at a fine, 4 months of dui classes and maybe 6-15 days of a work release program, and 3 years informal probation (that's in Cali, but I'm sure AZ is pretty similar). However, the punishment may be enhanced slightly due to the FTA. Save your money, you're going to requirement it for the court fines and classes lol, and there's nothing an attorney can do to drop those fines, or lessen the punishment. Don't be nervous, you'll be only fine. When you get there, they should ask you, and everyone surrounded by the court room if they would like to speak to a public defender (which is free). If you're nervy, the public defender will go up at hand with you, and speak for you...you just own to state your plea of guilty, no contest, or not guilty. Oh, and by the way, once you're off probation, if you haven't have too many probation violations, you can acquire this dui expunged of your record. Good luck with everything :) Source(s): I've have a DUI.

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