What does "motion for disclosure" have it in mind when file by a defendant's attorney within a DWI crust?

I need to know for class and havne't been competent to find out. Thanks for anyone who can help out.
Don't know what state you are in but primarily its:


(a) Upon motion of the defendant showing good cause therefor and upon thought to the other parties, the court in which an behaviour is pending may order the State formerly or during trial of a criminal action therein pending or on trial to produce and grant the inspection and copying or photographing by or on behalf of the defendant of any designated documents, papers, written statement of
the defendant, (except written statements of witnesses and except the work product of counsel in the case and their investigators and their action or report), books, accounts, letters, photographs, objects or tangible things not privileged, which constitute or contain evidence textile to any matter involved in the act and which are in the possession, custody or control of the State or any of its agencies. The order shall specify the time, place and posture of making the inspection and taking the copies and photographs of any of the aforementioned documents or tangible evidence; provided, however, that the rights herein granted shall not extend to written communications between the State or any of its agents or representatives or employees. Nothing contained by this Act shall authorize the removal of such evidence from the possession of the State, and any inspection shall be in the presence of a representative of the State.

(b) On motion of a party and on consideration to the other parties, the court in which an bustle is pending may order one or more of the other party to disclose to the party making the motion the name and address of respectively person the other party may use at trial to present evidence lower than Rules 702, 703, and 705, Texas Rules of Evidence. The court shall specify in the order the time and behaviour in which the other party must engineer the disclosure to the moving party, but in specifying the time surrounded by which the other party shall make disclosure the court shall require the other gala to make the disclosure not later than the 20th light of day before the date the trial begins. Source(s): In layman's language, they are asking for hidden or not yet produced information.

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