Which is worse? A DUI?or DWI?

which one?
Both are the same...Driving while intoxicated...or...driving while lower than the influence. Different states call it either or. And different states own different consequences. Check your state statutes.
There both discouraging.... and both can seriously injure or kill someone..
Well, driving under the influence is driving above the state lawful limit of intoxication. The majority of the the states have a .08 demarcate but it might even be lower. Driving while intoxicated means you're too intoxicated to even be measure and guilty beyond any defense. While DUI you're given a sobrety tryout, a breathselyzer test and opportunity to seek an attorney to watch over the case in court. DWI is economically proven and chances are that one will receive a driving suspension and possible jail time for driving drunk. Source(s): assessment
well here in Ohio, where on earth I live, as it was explained to me when I was arrested for DUI some 20 years ago or so, a DWI is the charge you are given when you founder the breathalyzer. A DUI is up to the judgment of the officer. The penalty is exactly like peas in a pod if convicted, but the DUI is easier to beat, for obvious reason. What happened in my valise, I was arrested, taken to the police station, and passed the breathalyzer. The cop didn't want to let it step at that and charged me anyway. Plus there was the certainty that I was a minor at the time and he wanted me to rat out my boss at the restaurant I be working at for giving me the alcohol, and I wasn't talking. The judge threw it out.
DUI, that means driving under the influence. DWI system driving while impaired. A DUI is for people who are drunk and DWI are for those who might be for a moment off, but still unable to drive. So DUI is the worse charge of the two.
i used to think one be when you are drunk DWI and i thought DUI was when you were approaching high on drugs
They're the exact same entity, it just depends on where you live. They both apply to operating a vehicle while underneath the influence of skill-inhibiting drugs.

Hope this helps

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