How much does it cost to become a Lawyer? Including college and statute conservatory.?

The main cost will be undergrad and law conservatory, which in most cases will take seven years. This cost will rise and fall depending on if you attend a public or private school. According to the College Board, the average price of a year of a private school contained by 2006 was over $22,000, public averaged $5800. Law school would be a similar cost per year.

You next have to figure within books (can run $1000 a year or more, depending on major), fees, room and board (which also can vary depending on if you live on campus, off campus, or at home), and miscellaneous tests (SAT, LSAT, and bar exam, not to mention any prep services you may use to study for them).

So you could spend over $100,000 to become a advocate, though you could spend much less (or, if you go to the top school, much more). Of course, there is the possibility of financial aid to help defray at most minuscule some of the cost. Source(s):…

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