What is the difference between Esq, P.C, L.L.C, and L.L.P? Aren't they adjectives lawyer?

Esq. is a advocate. LLC is limited liability carrier. I don't know around the other two but I think it is talking in the order of the company not the person!
Esq. is esquire, the suffix title of anyone who have a j.d. (i.e. a lawyer); P.C. isn't really a common abbreviation, but I'm assuming it resources a private corporation (as opposed to a publicly traded one); LLC stands for limited liability company (it resources the controlling/founding members of the company aren't subject to personal liability for civil claims against the business); LLP means predetermined liability partnership (which has essentially the same liability safeguard as an LLC along with "pass-through taxation.") Source(s): 3rd year law student
I think they are all lawyer. But I'm wrong. Maybe.
Esquire means "a member of English gentry rank below a knight"... number one definition in my dictionary. None of the others have to do next to lawyering. It's "used after a surname as a title of courtesy."
In another section of the lousy dictionary it says to address a attorney with Esq. after the name, when you write him or her.

P.C. I thought expected Public Counselor
L.L.C. " " ' meant Licensed Law Counselor
L.L.P. " " ' meant Licensed Law Practitioner.

--it's a Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary--and a dunk shot--

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