My doctor told me that I couldnt capture pregnant & very soon I am. Im thinking of consulting a legal representative.What do you suppose

Are you crazy, that happened to somebody i know and boy,... are they relaxed.

i hope you are happy!?
its not the doctors fault. this happen often to some people.
this is a blessing!
Depends on why He/She said You could Not.But In Most cases Even when Doctors read out that In Most cases there is still a slight chance it can other happen.I Say you should Be Happy About it and not Bother sueing your Doctor Probably end Up wasting money on trying to sue him merely to lose and the Money you will be wasting would sure come in handy with that kid on the way.Why are People so Sue Happy Now a Days Sheesh.
Doctors are not God, and they can be wrong- however, I don't understand you are wanting to sue your doc because you get pregnant after he/she said you couldn't. You are suing a doc for being wrong- and you are carrying a miracle baby? What is this world coming too?

Most empire consider suing when someone dies at the hand of a doc- not when a life have been created. YIKES!!
I would just consent to it go. Sometimes there are mistakes made, but what desperate happened here? Did you stop trying because he said you couldn't and you feel that time be taken away from you because of it? Besides emotional stress, no physical harm come to you with that diagnosis and now you are pregnant anyway, so why stir up a hornets nest and stress yourself out during this critical time surrounded by your life?

Why not just wallow in your pregnancy rather then dwell on former times and what a doctor told you.
Im with the others. A big time and money waster. I would be aware of very blessed and very stoked that I get pregnant if I was told I couldnt. Some things just evolve for a reason. Consider your baby rather miracle :)
I think that it would be a spend foolishly of your time and money. Unless you have proof that the doctor said that there is no path you can get pregnant, and im 100% sure of it, then you own no case. If you dont have him truism that he is 100% sure you cant get pregnant on file consequently again nothing. Did you not want to get pregnant?? You should still be using condoms if you did not want to bring pregnant so you wont get a STD.
For what? Why do relations keep going after the doctors? This is just making it almost impossible for us pregnant women to be capable of get in to see fitting doctors. What you got pregnant? So what you are blessed. Don't take it out on the doctor.
i think you should be counting your blessings, not looking for a take rich quick scheme... children are blessings. Also doctors can never be 100%m they are not best,,,, in this situation why are you complaining? do you know how many women want children and hold been told they couldn't AND THEY TRUELY CANT!! Source(s): Proud mommy of a gorgeous healthy 13day elderly baby girl...
So you are going to associate your miracle, with a lawsuit? In the future, "Honey, when I found out I be going to have you, my first thought was I'm going to sue the pant off the doctor who misdiagnosed me." Sounds like a terrific story.

If you be in to get your tubes tied, and be told it wasn't necessary, than maybe. But, I infer you shouldn't be too quick to jump the gun.
I think you should be incredibly happy and surface blessed that this happened. Somehow I don't think suing your doctor is a great bearing to express your joy. Miracles happen!

As for your doctor, honey, even they can be wrong sometimes. I really don't focus this is even close to a legitimate reason to sue, unless you're merely grubbing after easy money.
I think you make me sick! What a greedy, cold-hearted individual you seem to be.
Well, on intermittent cases women do end up pregnant when doctors told them it could never happen. If getting pregnant is what you needed, just be happy. =]
If you weren't trying, afterwards maybe you should have taken some form of birth control anyway... Source(s): 15 weeks pregnant w/ first babe.
I think NO.

Your Dr told you what he thought be best at the time, he prepared you for the worse.
Did you seek a second opinion? I am guessing not so in attendance was obviously a suitable reason for you to believe the Dr.

You have be given a miracle, don't marr it by turning nasty and getting lawyers involved. Medicine is not fool proof and we adjectives make mistakes sometimes, what if your Dr had told you that you could enjoy bnabies and you found out after years of trying that you couldn't?

Think yourself lucky that this miracle has happened and don't punish the Dr who lone told you what he saw.

Far too many people find the law involved over pointless issues.
that case would get thrown out. my cousin wasn't supposed to know how to have children. and now she have two. the doctors are still baffled about how it happened. but you enjoy to realize doctors don't know EVERYTHING.
I think you should count this as a blessing. so many inhabitants cant have kids and your supposed to be one of them. Its a gift,
Are you money hungry or something? No! I would be extremely smiling and i'm sure the doc would be to if he found that he was wrong. let it shift and don't be so selfish.
Your doctor probably told you here was a slim to no chance. Nothing surrounded by nature is 100% yes or no, and you probably shouldn't hold your doctor accountable for this freak of disposition accident. It does indeed happen from time to time. Maybe you should pocket this as you were meant to enjoy this child.
No I dont think you should consult a doctor. Most women that are told they can never own kids and end up pregnant are very lucky. It a short time ago meaqns you have to be alot more careful during your pregnancy
I think that's silly. Doctors don't know everything. Just be impressively happy that you defied adjectives odds and conceived! You would probably lose any case you tried to formulate, and just lose money on a lawyer.

You can other review on But unless he was very connote about it, I wouldn't bash his name. Again, doctors don't know everything, they basically tell you what they know with the information they hold.
Are you MAD about being pregnant? If not, after just be happy that you did win pregnant.. Alot of people would love to be in your shoes right in a minute cuz they cant have kids... It would be different if your doctor told you, you have cancer and you didnt then i could see suing, but whats the point... What medical reason did he offer you that made him think you couldnt have kids?
i wish i be in america.

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