Why do British lawyers and judges wear wigs?

To make them look wise.
It's not just a wig, it's a WHITE wig. It represents the wisdom presumably acquired with age. In ancient times, trials were conducted by the elders, who often had white hair.

Court is serious business. The clothing and furniture are reserved exclusively for court, to underscore the importance of the proceedings. The costuming is used for the same reasons your parents make you wear your best clothes to church: (a) to acknowledge and respect the office, and (b) you are less likely to act up when you are wearing your serious clothes.
Die tragen Perücken weil es im Mittelalter so eingeführt wurde. Als Floh und Läuseschutz! Ich antworte dir nicht auf Englisch, da ich Deutscher bin und stolz darauf dass in der EU 250 Mio Leute Deutsch als Muttersprache sprechen.
hi.its funny you ask.because in my law enrichment subject at school we talked about this a couple of weeks ago.
they wore wigs since like the 1600's and there is no specific practical purpose, but its helps to distinguish between more..and less important members of the court. people constantly tried to outdo each others wigs. any person with a particularly big wig was given exactly that name....bigwig! hope you find it interesting
all british lawyers and judges are cross dressers lol thats why they wear dresses too :)
Its because back then they had horrible hair problems so men usually dont have hair. Thus wigs. Also i think i read somewhere its fancy O.O
To cover their unwashed hair and make them look gay.
Think they still wear wigs in courts in Australia and New Zealand as well.

British barristers and judges wear wigs out of a tradition which has went on for around 400 years.
It was the fashion in the 18th century for people to wear wigs - this included judges and lawyers, and was incorporated into the garb (which has much earlier origins). As the wearing of wigs passed, the legal profession hung on to theirs (made of horsehair usually and not much liked). Like a fondness for Latin phrases, the legal profession is possibly the most reactionary profession around. It helped identify who was who in the court - as the Judge would wear a full bottomed wig, whereas the silks etc would wear smaller pieces. As the chief judges are also Law Lords (the Lords Temporal) the robes and wiggery is in-line with the other archaic dress, again much of it devised in the 18th century still used in the House of Lords.

It occurs in other countries such as India (or where the British exported their governance), although many have now done away with the 'fancy dress' as John Mortimer used to refer to it.
It is part of a tradition, and I think they just recently stopped doing that. I remember reading that in an article last year
I was asking myself this very question yesterday. It is certainly because of the concept of the tradition and integrity of British law. But, despite a few Hollywood-style trials, the US law system seems to have enough dignity about itself. I do think that our guys in the UK look rather silly, but perhaps the most deliberate reason for the maintenance of the Georgian look is it's intimidatory factor. ie if some little criminal goes before all these guys who are dressed like Batman in drag, he's going to feel pretty isolated and may be more likely to "play along" as a result.
Once I read an article that told me a lot about tradition and that it's very impotant, that the wigs are realy old. And it was a realy serious article in a realy serious paper (Der Spiegel), but I don't understand this tradition until this day. But that's okay, cause I'm not a British duck and I agree GB, cause while watching this TV-Movie, your question was creeping in my mind, too.
Gruß an Inspector Barnaby. Sieht süß aus, was *lol*?
They were probably worn in earlier times to add solemnity to the court procedure and thereby intimidate the defendants.
Rather like School Teachers of old wearing Mortar Boards.
Old habits die hard.

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