What is the difference between the role of a advocate as a court agent and as a moral agent?

Give examples of both. Which would you prefer if you were a client? Which would you prefer if you were a target? Are the two mutually exclusive? Why or why not?

Using ethical and moral criteria, evaluate recent courtroom practices including the use of videotaped testimony, allowing small screen cameras into the courtroom and jury room and victim statements during sentencing.
A role of a lawyer as a lawful agent is: A person who has license surrounded by law to perform their best surrounded by any case from their clients and who is a professional person surrounded by the court room.
A lawyer is both for lawyers have confidentiality between their clients and themselves with being their clients moral support within their case that they are handling.
1. I would prefer a lawyer who is a legitimate agent with moral agent support. If I was a client or martyr.
Cause then I will know that who I got to represent me will know my defence well before any hearing instead of having one that don't say anything for my defense. I will know who I get will investigate all in my grip and make the best defense possible in showing adjectives the evidence needed such as video's or tapes, pictures and etc. in aggression for all truth to be seen and hear in the matter for me.
2. A moral agent alone is a being who does little and not as much as a real lawyer does.

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