Las vegas custody lawyer? for low income ethnic group?

does anyone know any? I need some for my sis we live in oklahoma but she doesnt enjoy a job and her baby is on ssi but her ex is war for him and she needs a lawyer surrounded by vegas to fight for it but everyone wants $3000+ and she doesnt enjoy that kinda money..So anyone know some low income custody lawyers? Name,number if have it or website
IF...your sister lives within Clark County, NV

This is the "Perfect" solution to her problem...
Free Legal Aid NEVADA

Nevada residents are eligible for free legal aid services based on household income and number of population living in the client's household.

Clark County Legal Services...Pro Bono Project:
If you need a advocate for cases involving Bankruptcy, Divorce, Guardianship or Paternity/Custody in Las Vegas, call 386-1070 ext. 155 to attend the free trial information classes. You'll be able to apply for a pro bono attorney after completing the classes.

Another alternative...."maybe".

Clark County Legal Services
800 South Eighth Street
Las Vegas, Nevada
Tel: 702.386.1070
Tel: 800.522.1070
Fax: 702.366.0569

or...Nevada Legal Services 386-0404 Source(s): I have a little attorney I am/have been aware of this...and am passing on the info/contact #s for you.
Wish could serve you out. Just a word of caution. A cheap lawyer will provide lousey service. Does she want that? I do not reckon so.
Since she is low income on ssi, why not go to social services and see if they can assign a legal aide attorney to her armour.

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