Texas Puppy Lemon Laws?

I bought a white boxer yesterday and took it to the vet today. The vet said it was partially deaf. I payed deeply of money for the dog and was wondering what are my legal rights on this situation?
If the dog is not as stated, and unsuitable for sale then discuss it beside the breeder and likely you will have to return the puppy and seize a refund.

It is not uncommon for a boxer to enjoy hearing issues (white tends to enjoy more problems than fawns, brindles, etc - not sure why).
Some dogs own problems with hearing. don't know roughly speaking boxers, but dalmatians for sure.

in any case, you shouldn't buy from unreputable breeders, and not at adjectives without the sale anyone contingent on a check by your vet.
Professional kennels want to hold on to a good reputation, you should discuss this with the breeder.

Most general public become attached to their pets and do not want to return them, but perhaps he will offer some other consolation.

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