Can you sue for medical malpractice if a surgery to remove a thyroid completed up ruining your speaking voice?

My mother had surgery some time ago on her throat. This was to remove her thyroid gland any way afterwards she had to keep on till her voice healed before she could speak afterwards she other sounded winded, out of breath and at some points she loses her voice completely in the middle of a sentence. We hold a family friend who is a doctor and believes that a nerve could own been cut that is cause her to loose her voice. If she looses her voice permanently which is possible then she can't maintain her job. Right now she can speak, but in that is a fear it could be more permanent.
If losing her voice was a agreed risk of this surgery and she was informed of this risk, then nearby is no basis for a malpractice claim against the surgeon. What you should do is review her medical records, specifically look for the surgical consent form where on earth the risks are detailed. If this risk is listed and she signed the form, then you own no case.
The surgeon or his assistant should have explained to you and to your mother, the especially real risk of damage to sung chords in thyroidectomy (removal of thyroid by surgery). If your mother was ancient child bearing age, administration of radioactive iodine (I 131) would enjoy been a good route instead of surgery. If that risk was explained either in words or in writing (if the release signed by you was after perception the risk), probably the suit if any against the surgeon may not hold water. In any case, it would be a fitting idea to discuss with a advocate who handles such cases. I am not a lawyer.

And such cases reinforce the involve for adequate patient rearing and involvement in their treatment. Source(s): I have obedient medical knowledge but am not a doctor.
Speak to a lawyer and look in another doctor for a 2nd opinion as to why her voice goes away. You habitually sign several things to protect the doctor. If the patient incurs a harm that be not stated in what you signed OR you did incur one of these harms, but it was due to a mistake by a doctor next yes, he is liable. It is extremely important that you follow-up on this very fundamentally promptly, because as time passes their may be other variables that could be blamed for the voice loss, thus resulting in "insufficient culpable proof that it be the doctor and not something or someone else's fault.
Please relieve your mom seek a good malpractice legal representative. You have to prove, without a doubt, that malpractice have occurred & that can be a hard article to do sometimes. Go to the medical records of the hospital where the surgery be performed, & ask for a copy of your mom's medical records, on the thyroid surgery. You may hold to pay but it's not much. That paperwork is a record of the surgery, register the doctor/doctors/assistmants, who were present during the surgery, surgery techniques, etc. If they turn down to give the records to you, your legal representative will get them for you. Go back to the days prior to your mom's surgery next to her at your side, & keep a diary of her pre op/post op/ office visit, treatment, etc. Try to write down some of the pre op conversations your mom had with the doctor, especially if he spoke something like what could result after the surgery, etc. All of these recollections are very important, as your attorney will ask you about all of this, if he's a dutiful malpractice lawyer. You can also talk to family/friends/ co workers of your mom, to support your mother's alligations against this doctor. You may own to search hard & long for a legal representative who is willing to take your mom's satchel, so don't get discouraged. Good luck! Source(s): Personal experience. Malpractice was proven & I won my defence but the money won't change my botched surgery.
If fat nation can sue McDonalds for being fat, you can sue for that. These days you can sue for anything if you word it right.
Before any surgery takes place, the procedure should be explained guardedly to the patient and to his/her family. This should include how it will be done, who will do it, the pros and cons of the procedure, what to expect after surgery, etc.
If the doctor/surgeon didn't put in the picture you or explain to you or to your mom what the possibilities are,then I guess you have the right to complain and even sue.
I a short time ago hope that it won't come to that. And I hope that your mom will not lose her voice.
Have your mother checked by another throat doctor first. The doctor might order a few tests to determine if here is indeed any damage done to your mom.
Goodluck and God bless!
You cannot sue if the doctor mentioned nearby was a risk she may lose her voice.

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